Affordable .45 Fav

Ruger P345Today’s recommendation is brought to you by
Ruger P345 KP345PR .45 ACP,$548 – gun tests recommends: buy it. We thought the Ruger was a fine handgun, well worth a look by those who need a DA pistol. The Ruger was surprisingly easy to hit with during DA/SA drills, and the KP345PR did nearly as well as a 1911 shot for reference, once we had practiced with it.

Cool right? Well, there was one thing that concerned me…

…To our sorrow, the gun could not be fired with the magazine removed, a tactical blunder that many won’t like…

So, you make the call; and subscribe to Gun-Tests. NO copious ads or nonsense (like all other firearm publications) and will often test and feature affordable, non-big-name firearms.


2 thoughts on “Affordable .45 Fav

  1. Hey, glad you found me Tommy! And I’m glad you like yours — truly the mag disconnect is a pretty keen safety feature.

    I haven’t been doing many firearms posts as of late; mostly because so many others do such a better job! Like for instance.

    Thank for visiting!

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