On Deadly Force

I’d like to talk about Kim du Toit’s quote of the on Tuesday, April 5th and this story sent to him by a reader. It’s an old Boston Pheonix article, written by a Gun Fearing Wussy (thanks, Kim, for that term) who mustered up enough humanity to seek out actual instruction on the use of deadly force available to nearly all Americans.

AyoobI consider Massad Ayoob to be one of the preeminent authorities on the use of deadly force. He’s been a police officer for over two decades, written heaps of smart articles and books on the subject, been an expert witness in countless trial cases, and in my own opinion, has the right attitude regarding deadly force.

Here’s the 411 folks: as a gun owner, I pray I will never have to draw my weapon to defend myself or my family, let alone fire it. But, until then, I will practice and hone my skills so that if the unfortunate time comes, death will be swift and sure for the attacker. No second thoughts, no regrets, no question for police or a jury. However, no matter how justified, I will still have to live with that for the rest of my life. Combat is one thing, as I’ve learned from my brother-in-law. Killing another citizen, even in your own mortal defense, as Ayoob describes, is something completely different.

Some would call it wrong; Ayoob and I call it surviving. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6, as the saying goes.


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