Memorial Day Memorandum

Liberty and FlagWhether it was my Uncle Steve, who served aboard a sub out of Guam during Vietnam, my grandfather, Kenneth, who pushed paper in England during WWII, my great-uncle, Dudley, who drove a Sherman in the Battle of the Bulge, my great-uncle Virgil, who ran supplies to and fro the lines outside the Ardens, my Uncle Dick, who repaired jet engines aboard a carrier during Vietnam, my cousin, Rochelle, a medic, who has been putting in time as a medic in Iraq, or my brother-in-law, Jonathan, who has put in his time there, as well, they are all champions of liberty and freedom to me.

As I grew up, they were shining examples of sacrifice and patriotism.  And those I was fortunate enough to know personally, instilled in me a deep appreciation of what we have in this country.
Roderick Lester
Even if you have no family to personally thank or show your appreciation of their service, there are many opportunities out there. You could start with the many memorials back in DC. Doesn’t have to be today, but sometime in the near future. Heck, visit the Virtual Wall today. You can read about Rod Lester, who went to school with my mother.

If you can today, stay close to your family, and carry an attitude of thankfulness and gratefulness for those who gave some, and the some that gave all for the protection of this country and your freedoms.