While the Cat’s Away…

While I was gone from work for a few weeks on vacation/paternity leave, there was a discussion about whether or not certain stereo equipment pieces might affect our product due to magnetism (like, say, from speakers). It was an intelligent/professional discussion until a certain marketing person, who appears to be highly competent in their work and an asset to our company, interjected this thoughtfulness…

Come on. We’re in a faith-based world now. Our HDD is protected by Intelligent Design.

I felt this was a little over the top in such a focused discussion, so I complained about it to my manager.  I came short of a) confronting the ass face-to-face about the inappropriateness of his/her comment or b) mailing my group VP to take it to HR. It’s not the first time this employee has made inappropriate comments like this in open mail before, either.

I try diligently to keep my 2nd Amendment Views, belief in the Almighty, and other similar talk out of company mail. I would expect any other employee to do the same — save the snarks for the water cooler. I can tune out or ignore speech and meaningless drivel — I have to read work email.


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