Reflecting on 9/11 this week…

The wife wrote a good piece describing how we were greeted with the horror of that Tuesday morning in September of 2001. I hadn’t even been at my new job for a year and we were still newlyweds — a year and a month at that point .

I felt so numb that day; at my job at the time I had a TV at my desk (since our product is a cable-TV device). I couldn’t take my eyes off of it all day; few others could either. No one criticized anyone for being distracted. I knew something evil was afoot; evil that had been allowed to brew for decades and it instantly reminded me of the early 90’s; the first World Trade Center attack/attempt that killed six people.

I remember the worldwide grief that was shared and it was overwhelming. I remember the celebration by Palestinians in the streets of the West Bank and other territories — maddening. This is probably not the greatest time of year for me because more often than not, it simply raises my blood pressure and makes me sad…. but no longer afraid.

My children will never know a time before such events. They will always know that their Uncle Jay served in the ensuing wars (as well as Uncle Eee). They will ask why Daddy didn’t fight and I’ll say, “talk to your mother.” 😉 More than likely, they’ll ask “why” it happened.

I will tell them that there is evil in the world. And when that evil is not confronted, called out and exposed, it will soon be at your doorstep.  Capitulation does not a good foreign policy make.  The only way to win this  kind of war is to take the fight to the enemy and that is precisely what we are doing.

God bless the surviving families of September 11th, the families of soldiers who have falled on the fields of battle in Iraq and Afghanistan, and America. Thank you for not only the sacrifice of your loved ones, but also your own sacrifice. I will never be able to do enough to repay that debt.