Lobby Me Tender

So, IPTV is a reality in limited markets, but hopefully that’s about to change. My area is supposedly getting FiOS in the next few months, so the option could be a reality in my own little neck of the woods, too.

This post is titled as such because the Cable Industry, as well as local governemnts, have a financial interest in seeing that telecos DON’T break into the television market with IPTV. “The Fair Competition in Video Act”, sposored by Missouri state Sen. John Griesheime, was in a recent committee meeting where the majority attendence was by industry lobbyists from both sides. Sen. Griesheime’s opening remarks were priceless:

“Really, we need to change the title of this,” said Griesheimer, R-Washington. “It’s going to be the Lobbyist Employment Act of 2006.”

I really hope IPTV can become a greater reality for everyone, everywhere as increased competition results in better service and lower prices, not to mention IPTV currently has a far greater interactive potential. Imagine the Superbowl with viewing angles of your choice!

Btw, I am thankful that my company has been mindful of this emerging technology and has several successful trials with various MSO’s under its belt. We are poised to move to market much sooner than the rest of the industry! Take that Microsoft! (no offense to those I know and love who work for The Collective; just some friendly, competitive ribbing).

Incdientally, my boss’ team is in the Superbowl. How can you beat that?

Paul Allen with NFC West Trophy

Wow, that is not a flattering shot 😉


A Time To Celebrate?

So much for celebrating the man (Martin Luther King, Jr.) and his achievements. You’ve got the day off (I don’t), why not spend all your precious daylight hours finely focusing your hatred for the President?

GatewayPundit has the roundup of folks who are organizing to do just that. What a wasteful wonderful use of one’s time on MLK day. Yep.

MID-DAY UPDATE: The Seattle Times is endorsing the spending of 600k on changing King County’s symbol from that of a crown to a likeness of the good doctor.  Yikes.  So much for the county’s true history.

Shark @ SoundPolitics has a far better idea that I think we can all get behind.

END-OF-DAY UPDATE: Holy Schnikes! Only a black leader in New Orleans on MLK day could get away with this.