A Time To Celebrate?

So much for celebrating the man (Martin Luther King, Jr.) and his achievements. You’ve got the day off (I don’t), why not spend all your precious daylight hours finely focusing your hatred for the President?

GatewayPundit has the roundup of folks who are organizing to do just that. What a wasteful wonderful use of one’s time on MLK day. Yep.

MID-DAY UPDATE: The Seattle Times is endorsing the spending of 600k on changing King County’s symbol from that of a crown to a likeness of the good doctor.  Yikes.  So much for the county’s true history.

Shark @ SoundPolitics has a far better idea that I think we can all get behind.

END-OF-DAY UPDATE: Holy Schnikes! Only a black leader in New Orleans on MLK day could get away with this.


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