Team Foundation Server Power Tools

Formerly known as Power Toys… pick ’em up

From the release notes…
This version (1.2) includes some bug fixes to the Team Foundation Power Tool and adds the following functionality:

  • Workspace Command (tfpt.exe) – Use the workspace command for additional workspace operations not supported in the currently shipping Team Foundation Server command line (tf.exe).
  • Treeclean Command (tfpt.exe) – Use the treeclean command to see and optionally delete files in the current directory and all subdirectories that are not under version control.
  • Team System Process Editor – A tool integrated with Visual Studio that provides a convenient method of viewing and customizing process templates. When connected to Team Foundation Server, you can use this tool to customize work item type definitions and global lists on an active project.
  • Check-in Policy Pack – A set of handy check-in policies to address needs customers have expressed.
  • Build Test Tools Task – A tool that allows running unit tests by simply specifying the DLLs, or by specifying a file name pattern in TfsBuild.proj, instead of using .vsmdi files to specify tests to run.

Huck Finn Still Stirring the Pot

Leaning Straight Up’s daughter encounters the prevailing public school attitude of, “Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn is racist.” Sad, really, that to this day and age Mr. Twain’s book is so horribly misunderstood. His daughter’s poem is beautiful… (excerpt follows)

Yet I pull the same book out,
And point out the facts.
Racism isn’t just white,
It’s those of every race.
Racism is biting words,
Of hate,
To those of,
Another race.

John Ondrasik on the Glenn and Helen Show

John OndrasikTerrific interview on with singer/songwriter John Ondrasik, aka Five for Fighting.

John pulls no punches over the Iraq war, the music industry, and the importance of freedom.

Be sure to check out John’s new video charity site at Right now there’s only a signup to get notification of launch, but it looks very interesting.

And, hey, if you like John’s music, visit his site and get the CD through SonyMusic for 1 cent cheaper than Amazon.