Holy Crap: Biden trying to ratify Law of the Sea Treaty

According to Investor’s Business Daily:

On Thursday, presidential wannabe Biden will chair hearings intended to lead to the ratification of the quarter-century-old Law of the Sea treaty (LOST), a document that would severely restrict our ability to use oceans to defend ourselves and would turn over control of 70% of the world’s surface to a U.N. bureaucracy.no-un

What the is the government thinking? This has bi-partisan support, as well, including support from the Whitehouse.  Can someone tell me when we voted to go insane and give our sea-bound access and security over to a foreign body?


NBC an iTunes Competitor?

nbc-logoAs you may have heard, NBC ditched Apple a few weeks ago over prices and content bundling in iTunes. Now they’re going to start giving away the same shows for free (as in beer?) using their own, new downloading service, “…which NBC executives say they expect to become a viable competitor to iTunes.”

However, NBC Direct (so catchy) will eventually start charging customers to download the episodes onto Windows PC’s only. Oh, and the files will have 7-day time-bombs in them (article does not specify if this will just be fore the trial period or for paid content, as well).

So, while their plan is to mimic the iTunes business model, they’ve also eliminated millions of potential customers…

“We did this to eliminate the middleman,” said Jeff Gaspin, the president of NBC’s digital division.apple-logo

You’re darn right you did, Jeff! Without Apple, you’ve not only eliminated millions in potential revenue, but also every last Apple user out there by not having Apple-compatible downloads.

That being said, I’m sure it will be easy enough to circumvent the Windows DRM on these downloads, convert them to your preferred format and play them back on your preferred device.

You still have to wonder why they think they’ll lose less money on this scheme than with Apple’s iTunes? Honestly, where do most iPod users go (or have been going) to get their favorite and latest  audio and video content?  NBC’s hubris is surprising, but then again, their news department is growing equally batty.  I’ll applaud them for being consistent.


gunI hurt from laughing after reading Kim du Toit’s column yesterday on this awful attack on Miami-Dade Police.

I suppose we should expect the press to grow a little hysterical (Pants Sh—ing Hysterical) about firearms as we slowly grind toward the 2008 elections (which, by the way, are only 14 months away).

By the way, if you’re seriously interested in learning about firearms and how to use them safely and effectively in your own defense, and you live in Washington state, let me recommend The Firearms Academy of Seattle (which is deceptively located Onalaska, WA… a solid 2 hours due south of Seattle). Fer cryin’ in the night, their Handgun Safety Seminar is FREE (as in beer).

Chavez and Socialism: Everything old is new again

chavez-and-cheStill think Hugo Chavez is America’s friend? Or any free man’s friend? AP article here.

Caracas, Venezuela (AP) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened on Monday to close or take over any private school that refuses to submit to the oversight of his socialist government as it develops a new curriculum and textbooks.

It’s not a very big article, but it speaks volumes. I suppose someone has to fill the dictator-shaped vacuum south of Florida that will be left by Castro’s impending demise.

What makes these guys think that these old and busted methods of controlling people will work “this time”?

…the aim is to develop critical thinking,” not to impose a single way of thought.

Yeah, right… and monkeys might fly out of my car’s exhaust pipe. After all he’s seized this year, I think we can safely stop calling him “President”.

Yes, silly, I know the difference between socialism and communism. However, seeing how he has declared himself President for Life, I’m seeing one quickly transform into the other.

Charity suing Charity

lswristbandEgads. Lance Armstrong (on behalf of his Lance Armstrong Foundation) is suing Animal Charity Collar Group based in Oklahoma. They have allegedly made some dog and cat collars that resemble his foundation’s yellow, “Livestrong” wristbands.

Click here to judge for yourself.

That’s as maybe, but I doubt the two will be confused. Lance may as well sue all the organizations that have created similar revenue-generating, awareness-raising wristbands. After all, didn’t his design and promotion kind of launch the whole awareness bracelet craze back in 2004? Wikipedians hint at that on the Gel Bracelt entry.

What if the Army created one with the test of their new slogan (ARMY Strong) on it?

The animal collars which went on sale in 2005 “use the same color, the same or similar materials, similar wording … and similar fonts,” the documents allege.

“Such confusion, mistake and deception are likely to cause irreparable harm to LAF,” they add.

Oh brother, Lance. Your foundation is in no danger from the likes of poodles and purrers wearing collars that look vaguely similar to your precious jellies. Besides, if your own awareness bracelet craze actually gives this charity a little visibility, isn’t that a great thing?

Standing up to the UN Gun-banners

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) entered a late amendment to H.R. 2764 (Department of State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill) which passed on Friday (81 YEA).  His amendment (which passed by a similar margin), would  “…prohibit the use of funds by international organizations, agencies, and entities that require the registration of, or taxes guns owned by citizens of the United States.

Basically, any organization that adopts a policy anathema to the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment would no longer be eligible for U.S. financial assistance—including the U.N.