Charity suing Charity

lswristbandEgads. Lance Armstrong (on behalf of his Lance Armstrong Foundation) is suing Animal Charity Collar Group based in Oklahoma. They have allegedly made some dog and cat collars that resemble his foundation’s yellow, “Livestrong” wristbands.

Click here to judge for yourself.

That’s as maybe, but I doubt the two will be confused. Lance may as well sue all the organizations that have created similar revenue-generating, awareness-raising wristbands. After all, didn’t his design and promotion kind of launch the whole awareness bracelet craze back in 2004? Wikipedians hint at that on the Gel Bracelt entry.

What if the Army created one with the test of their new slogan (ARMY Strong) on it?

The animal collars which went on sale in 2005 “use the same color, the same or similar materials, similar wording … and similar fonts,” the documents allege.

“Such confusion, mistake and deception are likely to cause irreparable harm to LAF,” they add.

Oh brother, Lance. Your foundation is in no danger from the likes of poodles and purrers wearing collars that look vaguely similar to your precious jellies. Besides, if your own awareness bracelet craze actually gives this charity a little visibility, isn’t that a great thing?


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