NBC an iTunes Competitor?

nbc-logoAs you may have heard, NBC ditched Apple a few weeks ago over prices and content bundling in iTunes. Now they’re going to start giving away the same shows for free (as in beer?) using their own, new downloading service, “…which NBC executives say they expect to become a viable competitor to iTunes.”

However, NBC Direct (so catchy) will eventually start charging customers to download the episodes onto Windows PC’s only. Oh, and the files will have 7-day time-bombs in them (article does not specify if this will just be fore the trial period or for paid content, as well).

So, while their plan is to mimic the iTunes business model, they’ve also eliminated millions of potential customers…

“We did this to eliminate the middleman,” said Jeff Gaspin, the president of NBC’s digital division.apple-logo

You’re darn right you did, Jeff! Without Apple, you’ve not only eliminated millions in potential revenue, but also every last Apple user out there by not having Apple-compatible downloads.

That being said, I’m sure it will be easy enough to circumvent the Windows DRM on these downloads, convert them to your preferred format and play them back on your preferred device.

You still have to wonder why they think they’ll lose less money on this scheme than with Apple’s iTunes? Honestly, where do most iPod users go (or have been going) to get their favorite and latest  audio and video content?  NBC’s hubris is surprising, but then again, their news department is growing equally batty.  I’ll applaud them for being consistent.


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