Foot-in-Mouth Disease Spreading

Not that this is anything new, but ever since’s slanderous and childish “General Patreas/General Betray Us”, it’s been one thing after another. Next was a Media Matters hit on Rush Limbaugh, a quote taken out of context. Now it’s Olbermann, casting aspersions on a column Michael Medved wrote on slavery, which he naturally didn’t read. He then proceeds to place him at the top of his ego-easing ‘Worst Person in the World’ after taking portions of his column out of context.

Now I don’t go around like a lot of other one-off bloggers calling the other side a bunch of sh*ts, f*cks, and other assorted high school terms. However, I would suggest to these people to actually read Medved’s article and to watch Ken Burns’ Civil War series (I know, it’s long, but worth it), and even read something like Inhuman Bondage by David Brion Davis.

Some argue that no serious commentator would say the things Medved is arguing against.

So, “serious” by who’s standard? NPR’s? CNN’s? The New York Times’? MSNBC?  There’s a lot diverse thought in there, huh?

Some just don’t like Medved (true, he is a conservative lighting rod). Some just dislike conservative thought and would rather just cuss it out.

Why do you hate Medved when he will gladly and honestly debate you without cursing you out?

What do you hate about conservative thought as you perceive it. I’m willing to bet you and I will agree on more points than we disagree. And I promise I won’t curse you out.

A one-off blogger I read today challenged the notion that the hate in this country comes from conservatives. Then proceeded to curse out conservative-minded folk and called them bigots.

Oy. I have a headache. Enough rambling. You talk.

UPDATE (10/5/2007): I have to give Ed Morrissey a lot of credit for disagreeing very thoughtfully with Michael.