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The Bias Against Guns Continues

Did it ever stop?

Still busy these days, and there’s already been mountains of thoughtful blog posts reporting on the shootings over the last few weeks. So rather than pile on, allow me to compare and contrast the tragedies.

In one case, you have a cowardly punk who shot others in a crowded mall and then himself, all long before authorities could arrive. He had no criminal background and an unfortunate upbringing. He also stole his weapon. There was also little indication that this was about to take place.

In the more recent case, you had an even more determined cowardly punk who could have caused a far greater death toll than cowardly punk #1. He methodically went to one location, where he had been threatening staff and management and killed and wounded a handful of people, then proceeded to a house of worship, 12 hours away, donned some tactical gear, loaded for bear, and killed and wounded more people, and that was just in the parking lot!

He the proceeded inside said house of worship with enough armaments to wound or kill a significant percentage of those inside the church campus that day.

He didn’t make it 50 feet inside before he encountered what likely did not expect.

An armed citizen.

Jeanne Assam, a fellow sister in Christ and in arms, drew her concealed pistol, and ordered him to stop. He did not and she took him down.

Although reports apparently confirm that the killing shot was fired by the coward himself, I pretty certain he was saving that shot for later. Much later, after dealing much more death. Instead his murderous fantasy was cut short by an armed citizen. Thank God.

Naturally, the press cannot contain themselves…

And, yes, this is the only instance of bias I’m going to directly link because, frankly, you can find it anywhere these days. Google or Yahoo ‘guns’ and you’ll find some of the most inane statements about firearms that span this year alone (Virginia Tech, Omaha, and now Colorado).I’m way behind on posting this; it’s not as well outlined as I’d like it to be. So, here are some fun links you can read just see what we (the law-abiding, gun-owning public) are up against (press and government related issues)…