Obama’s Highly Educated Voters

Diplomad nails this one on the head!

Have a few minutes to spare? Go to “Google,” type in the phrase “highly educated voters,” hit “Search News.” Go ahead. We’ll wait . . . OK, what do you get? All sorts of stories about Obama voters, and how he attracts the “highly educated.” You will get the same from the pundits on network and cable news: lots of blather about how Obama appeals to “highly educated” Americans.

He recounts his days in the State Department, having to hire some Presidential Management Interns.  All the candidates were from elite universities.  Rather than rely solely on their polished resumes, he had a different idea:

I could not do that. I stole a friend’s idea and devised “The World War II Test.” I invited the applicants for interviews.

I hit them with the test, which consisted of about dozen questions about WWII and its aftermath. I recall a few…

Can you tell me how US troops got into Europe in the first place? When was WWII? (I would accept a variety of answers as long as the applicant could defend the dates as the true start and end of WWII.) What nations comprised the principal Allied and Axis powers? Who was Neville Chamberlain? What he did he do at Munich and with whom? Who was Mussolini? What did he do to Ethiopia? Who was Stalin? Who was Hirohito? What was D-Day? What President ordered the dropping of the atomic bombs and why? Can you name a result of the Conference at Yalta? What was the Berlin Airlift?

What followed was classic…

Of the 14 or 15 applicants I interviewed, only one got them all right — the only male in the crowd, by the way. None, zero, zip of the rest got even ONE right. Not a single one. A very irritated applicant asked me, “Do we really need to know this old stuff?” I noted that we worked with NATO and Europe, hence, it was important to know the background that led to the creation of NATO and the then just-concluded Cold War. She stared at me and said, “What does World War II have to do with NATO, the Cold War and Europe?”

Sorry for reprinting so much, Diplomad.  It was just too good to keep bottled up.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m a history giant carrying mountains of knowledge, but this is fairly basic stuff.  I am pleased that both the wife and I will be able to pass down and stress the importance of such knowledge to our children.

If you, dear reader, don’t know many of these things, please do read up on them…. especially on the subject of Chamberlain.  Then think about that in context with Obama’s promise to talk with the heads of Iran.  A chill will go up your spine, I promise.


Best Quote Heard All Day

Watching Dennis Miller on O’Reilly today; heard Dennis say the following near the end of their chat on Obama…

I don’t even notice the color of his skin. I do notice the thinness of it, though.

Spot on, Dennis… spot on.

Bruce Ramsey hits bottom, continues to dig

Nobody ever said he wasn’t persistent (“Appeasement” Again)…

I grew up facing the prospect of nuclear death from the Russians, and also the specter of world Communism. Well, we talked to the Russians. It didn’t solve everything, but it did lead to a nuclear test ban, and a red telephone, and a few useful things. And finally, Communism went away.

I lived through the time when China was “Red China,” and we didn’t talk to it. Well, Richard Nixon opened the door. It was a good thing. It didn’t settle everything with China, but it lowered tensions. The Chinese government, dictatorial as it was, was not totally unreasonable–and over the years it has become somewhat more reasonable. We have businesses there, and academics there, and tourists there, and thousands of Chinese students here. Talking to China, and trading with it, was a good idea.

It is said we can’t talk to terrorists. Get beyond the “terrorist” label, which is another device for barring communication. You have to ask: do these people represent the political aspirations of a large group? if they do, you’d better talk to them, because they’re not going away. Find out what they want. You don’t have to knuckle under. But talk. Hear them out. Have them hear you out.

Wrong. We bankrupted the Russians. Capitalism will beat communism all week long and twice on Sunday in the spending game. Russia simply could not afford to maintain such an immense military infrastructure and to continually advance it to meet or supersede our challenge/response. AND, like China, they simply wanted to live. This is completely unlike our modern day Islamic terrorists and terrorist-backing regimes. They have no desire to live; in fact, they find greater glory in death. THE HAVE NO HONOR. Screw them.

Oh, and I reprinted the meat of the article here JUST IN CASE BRUCE CHANGES THE ARTICLE ON US AGAIN. Yes, he did. Read the excerpt in my last post and then re-read what it says now. Total CYA just because he felt his point was getting across. And because he was getting his far-left backside handed to him.

If you can’t take the heat, Bruce… well, you know what to do.

Dignity? No thanks

Nearly toping my list of thing-that-bug-the-crap-out-of-me: young or grown men that wear their pants like this:

Doesn’t it just inspire you to walk over and pants him to finish the job? Better yet, they’re giving you ample opportunity to give a pretty incredible wedgie. That crap would NOT have flown at my high school. That kind of thing begged for an ass-kicking.

To the grown men out there that are my age or close to my age: explain yourselves. You’re not five-years-old, you’re not fifteen, heck you’re not even twenty-two… what gives? What is with this infantilization obsession of grown men (married or not)? No wonder our kids don’t respect their elders anymore. You would be a magnitude “cooler” if you simply dressed your age and were simply willing to TALK to the younger folk. They would have a tremendous amount more respect for you.

Actually, forget “dressing your age”. Dress like you’ve got a pair, or I’ll supply your wife/girlfriend with a staple gun.

In the same vein of inspiration, I discovered this over the weekend. Enjoy!
(this is the “clean” version; it gives you the idea and gives you a laugh; I’m sure you’ll find the ‘dirty’ version, which I do not wish to specifically condone because of some of the typical rap profanity it uses; I’m sure you’ll laugh at that one, too)…

Bruce Ramsey: ‘Hitler’s Demands Were Not Unreasonable’

Bruce Ramsey of the Seattle Times — my wonderful hometown rag — is so in the bag for The Left (especially Obama) that he was willing to rehabilitate the Third Reich in order try to disassemble President Bush’s speech at The Knesset. Of course, Obama was never specifically mentioned, but that didn’t stop The Obamassiah’s perception that the speech was targeting him. An excerpt follows from Ramsey’s piece (please do read the whole thing)…

The narrative we’re given about Munich is entirely in hindsight. We know what kind of man Hitler was, and that he started World War II in Europe. From the view of 1938, what Hitler was demanding at Munich was not unreasonable, according to the prevailing idea of the nation-state. His claim was that the German-speaking areas of Europe–and ones that thought of themselves as German –be under German authority. He had just annexed Austria, which was German-speaking, without bloodshed. There were two more small pieces of Germanic territory: the free city of Danzig and the Sudetenland, a border area of what is now the Czech Republic.


He comes to life later in the comments[@ 4:19 PM, May 16, 2008] trying to pull his own Obama (..er, you didn’t understand… what I meant was….).

This appears to be the same judgment and reason Bruce used to defend his choice to not print the Danish Mohammad cartoons.

PSH Moment of the Week

Unless something better rears its head, this will get the award

[State Senate, Democrat Richard] Saslaw said he’s not necessarily surprised that VCDL[Virginia Citizens Defense League] found restaurants in the region that would allow them to dine while armed. But he said that carrying guns is simply not normal behavior in this area.

“What normal person walks around with a gun on your hip? Something’s wrong in your life” if you feel compelled to carry a gun as part of your daily routine, he said.

I submit to you, Senator Saslaw, that in your little bubble-wrapped world of unicorns and rainbows you’re right: there’s no need to carry a gun on your hip when you have security provided for you by the State of Virginia.  Walk a mile in your citizens’ shoes and get back to me.  There is no feasible or reasonable way you can protect every citizen in your state, and I believe your concerns should be greater for criminals carrying concealed.  God-fearing, law-abiding citizens are the least of your worries.

Open carry has often been referred to as “honest carry”.  When you see a person carrying openly, please stop and thank them for exercising this right.  That way, someday, when you either grow a pair, or finally get that terrific Serpa holster, you will be able to carry openly, too.

By the way, please do visit OpenCarry.org.  The forums there are terrific.

Technology that Kills

Kills your hearing that is… and the youngins don’t seem to care (yes, I realize this article is old).

Like many teenagers, the students often denied their own personal risk. Most knew the general hazards of loud music, but believed they had a “low personal vulnerability” to hearing loss, the researchers report in the Journal of Pediatrics.

Fools. Turns out that those old Walkman headphones were less harmful than the earbuds. That’s right – you’re safer kicking it Old School(TM) (yes, this is an even older article; sue me).

“We’re seeing the kind of hearing loss in younger people typically found in aging adults. Unfortunately, the earbuds preferred by music listeners are even more likely to cause hearing loss than the muff-type earphones that were associated with the older devices,” Garstecki said.

Not only are earbuds placed directly into the ear, they can boost the sound signal by as much as six to nine decibels. “That’s the difference in intensity between the sound made by a vacuum cleaner and the sound of a motorcycle engine,” said Garstecki, professor and chair in the Roxelyn and Richard Pepper Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Like many average-joe-commuters, I spend my time on the bus either reading or listening to/watching shows on my iPod. Concerned about my hearing, I finally got a pair of over-the-ear headphones with a noise-canceling/reduction feature. Combine this with Apple’s latest volume lock feature — released last year — and you’re set for safe listening enjoyment.

If you insist on earbuds, there are some options out there modeled after actual passive earplugs. If you care a great deal about the quality of your sound, and value your hearing equally, there are always Ultimate Ears. There are a variety of UE models: some relatively affordable, while better models come at a premium… higher than, say, any iPod out there.

I chose this subject because, typically, at the bus stop or on the bus I can hear someone’s music leaking out of their earbuds. I shake my head and pity them, not because of their music choice (usually awful), but because the music is nearly as clear as a portable stereo turned up about a quarter of the way. And it’s in their ears!

Take care of yourself folks. You only get one pair of ears in this life. That, and I’m not paying for your implants with my tax dollars.

Doh! It looks like I am. Damn you, Medicare!