Ideal Recovery Packages for Myanmar (aka Burma)

A comment on The Bitch Girls extols the ideal recovery package we could air-drop to the oppressed Burmese (HatTip to Sebastian):

Each recovery package contains rice, a water filter, an SKS, 100 rounds of ammo, and a map with directions to the capital.



6 thoughts on “Ideal Recovery Packages for Myanmar (aka Burma)

  1. The SKS is getting a bit hard to find. I don’t think it’s still produced except as a civilian hunting weapon somewhere in what was Yugoslavia.

    A straight-up AK-47 would probably be a better bet. They’re cheap and use the same ammo. Hehe.

  2. Truly the supply is slightly dryer than it used to be; even then they’re still half the cost of the cheapest AK clones out there.

    You’re right, a production rifle would be better. I’m sure we could get some of our close friends in Eastern Europe to produce a few thousand crates of them for us. Then we could get some 3rd-party player to perform the airdrop.

  3. Jamfish,

    It’s Myanmar. The Chinese could supply the AK-47s cheaper and with less shipping issues. Also, the politics of the region would require both a Chinese and an Indian involvement because of the strategic location of Myanmar.

  4. I thought of that… but only *if* the Chinese would agree to it… (since we’re talking hypothetically) would it even be in their interest to overthrow the government?

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