PSH Moment of the Week

Unless something better rears its head, this will get the award

[State Senate, Democrat Richard] Saslaw said he’s not necessarily surprised that VCDL[Virginia Citizens Defense League] found restaurants in the region that would allow them to dine while armed. But he said that carrying guns is simply not normal behavior in this area.

“What normal person walks around with a gun on your hip? Something’s wrong in your life” if you feel compelled to carry a gun as part of your daily routine, he said.

I submit to you, Senator Saslaw, that in your little bubble-wrapped world of unicorns and rainbows you’re right: there’s no need to carry a gun on your hip when you have security provided for you by the State of Virginia.  Walk a mile in your citizens’ shoes and get back to me.  There is no feasible or reasonable way you can protect every citizen in your state, and I believe your concerns should be greater for criminals carrying concealed.  God-fearing, law-abiding citizens are the least of your worries.

Open carry has often been referred to as “honest carry”.  When you see a person carrying openly, please stop and thank them for exercising this right.  That way, someday, when you either grow a pair, or finally get that terrific Serpa holster, you will be able to carry openly, too.

By the way, please do visit  The forums there are terrific.


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