Dignity? No thanks

Nearly toping my list of thing-that-bug-the-crap-out-of-me: young or grown men that wear their pants like this:

Doesn’t it just inspire you to walk over and pants him to finish the job? Better yet, they’re giving you ample opportunity to give a pretty incredible wedgie. That crap would NOT have flown at my high school. That kind of thing begged for an ass-kicking.

To the grown men out there that are my age or close to my age: explain yourselves. You’re not five-years-old, you’re not fifteen, heck you’re not even twenty-two… what gives? What is with this infantilization obsession of grown men (married or not)? No wonder our kids don’t respect their elders anymore. You would be a magnitude “cooler” if you simply dressed your age and were simply willing to TALK to the younger folk. They would have a tremendous amount more respect for you.

Actually, forget “dressing your age”. Dress like you’ve got a pair, or I’ll supply your wife/girlfriend with a staple gun.

In the same vein of inspiration, I discovered this over the weekend. Enjoy!
(this is the “clean” version; it gives you the idea and gives you a laugh; I’m sure you’ll find the ‘dirty’ version, which I do not wish to specifically condone because of some of the typical rap profanity it uses; I’m sure you’ll laugh at that one, too)…


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