Bruce Ramsey hits bottom, continues to dig

Nobody ever said he wasn’t persistent (“Appeasement” Again)…

I grew up facing the prospect of nuclear death from the Russians, and also the specter of world Communism. Well, we talked to the Russians. It didn’t solve everything, but it did lead to a nuclear test ban, and a red telephone, and a few useful things. And finally, Communism went away.

I lived through the time when China was “Red China,” and we didn’t talk to it. Well, Richard Nixon opened the door. It was a good thing. It didn’t settle everything with China, but it lowered tensions. The Chinese government, dictatorial as it was, was not totally unreasonable–and over the years it has become somewhat more reasonable. We have businesses there, and academics there, and tourists there, and thousands of Chinese students here. Talking to China, and trading with it, was a good idea.

It is said we can’t talk to terrorists. Get beyond the “terrorist” label, which is another device for barring communication. You have to ask: do these people represent the political aspirations of a large group? if they do, you’d better talk to them, because they’re not going away. Find out what they want. You don’t have to knuckle under. But talk. Hear them out. Have them hear you out.

Wrong. We bankrupted the Russians. Capitalism will beat communism all week long and twice on Sunday in the spending game. Russia simply could not afford to maintain such an immense military infrastructure and to continually advance it to meet or supersede our challenge/response. AND, like China, they simply wanted to live. This is completely unlike our modern day Islamic terrorists and terrorist-backing regimes. They have no desire to live; in fact, they find greater glory in death. THE HAVE NO HONOR. Screw them.

Oh, and I reprinted the meat of the article here JUST IN CASE BRUCE CHANGES THE ARTICLE ON US AGAIN. Yes, he did. Read the excerpt in my last post and then re-read what it says now. Total CYA just because he felt his point was getting across. And because he was getting his far-left backside handed to him.

If you can’t take the heat, Bruce… well, you know what to do.


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