HopeChange(tm) explains it all

Lorain County(Ohio) Common Pleas Judge James Burge ruled on Tuesday this week that the state lethal injection procedure must be changed because the, “common combination of three chemicals to execute condemned inmates…. may produce excruciating pain…”

Fine, bring back hanging; it’ll be over much quicker. Never mind that the condemned are *the worst* among us that deserve nothing less than an excruciating end.

Now we have this really curious photo of said judge in USAToday

I’m not really sure what to make of it… on the one hand he’s got a picture of a Marxist, murderous thug, and on the other a … Marxist. Just plain goofy. Hopefully the Ohio Supreme court will straighten this out. His proposal isn’t so awful (essentially overdosing the condemned on barbiturates); however, I highly question his motives.


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