Ford Gets It

Nice to see an American auto company that gets it.  Now if they could just increase their reliability and match the electrical-system quality found in Honda and/or Toyota!

Ford Motor, which devoted itself for nearly 20 years to putting millions of Americans into big pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles, is about to drastically alter its focus to building more small cars.

The struggling automaker, reacting to what it sees as a rapid and permanent shift in consumer tastes brought on by high gas prices, plans to unveil its new direction on Thursday, when it will report quarterly earnings.

Among the changes, Ford is expected to announce that it will convert three of its North American assembly plants from trucks to cars, according to people familiar with the plans.

And as part of the huge bet it is placing on the future direction of the troubled American auto industry, Ford will realign factories to manufacture more fuel-efficient engines and produce six of its next European car models for the United States market.

Honestly, they should have been doing this already.  I mean, look at the way the Honda, Toyota, and Kia manufacturers have absolutely dominated that market!  As one analyst states the obvious.

Industry analysts believe Ford cannot wait any longer to reshape its manufacturing operations and step up production of smaller cars.

“Trucks and SUV’s have been so central to their strategy for so long, but the bottom line is that consumers have moved on,” said David Cole, chairman of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Duh.  Let’s go, my fellow citizens, and be modest with our money and means of transport.  Not because I suggest so or because the government makes you, but because it’s just a good freaking idea for all of us.  It’s called stewardship.

So, when do we get to see the modest European Mondeo that Bond drove in Casino Royale?  I own an older, American version (known as the Contour).


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