Whither Seattle? [UPDATED]

Just another fun Summer in Seattle:

…Thank goodness for our barn-burning tech sector.

The irony is best laid out by a commenter on this blog post by Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson:

I don’t think the “tax” makes any sense, especially since the money will apparently be going towards increased advertising about the city’s recycling/composting program, which,in essence, means they’ll be spending the money on a bunch of printed materials that will invariably end up in the trash. Oh, the irony!

Ironic indeed.  Intelligence like would take a village; a village made up of those inhabiting Seattle City Hall.

At least the Green Fairy is making a comeback.  Pacific Distillery will be introducing Pacifique by Christmas.  Thank God… after November elections I’m sure we’ll need it around here.


3 thoughts on “Whither Seattle? [UPDATED]

  1. There are reasons why traditional industry isn’t prevalent in Seattle, but its not because of the reasons listed in your post. Seattle is a filled with innovative, intelligent, and tech-savvy people who are best suited for non-traditional jobs.

    It’s the reason we see companies like Microsoft, Real Networks, SpeakEasy, InfoSpace, and the thousands of other tech start-ups and consulting firms around here. We aren’t Silicon Valley, but we’re damn close.

    On the flip side, I think issues like the plastic bag tax and car-free days are what make this city so much greater than most in the US.

  2. You’re right, Nicholas – it’s been fixed. It’s just Seattle being Seattle. You can like it/love it/leave it. I do a little of all three from time to time.

    As I said, thank goodness for the tech sector here. It keeps a roof over our heads, food on the table, and allows me to do the work I enjoy the most in my beloved home state. It also doesn’t hurt Seattle being a port city/hub (makes intra/international travel easier for many different companies).

    I suppose what I’m lamenting is how Seattle used to be a lot more blue-collar oriented. And as those jobs/industries become smaller so does the number of traditional families. As far as I know, Seattle is still in negative growth for families-with-children.

    Also, coming from a family that was self-employed in the agricultural business, I am sensitive to government meddling. I know most folks around here like the big, tax-vacuuming, money-squandering nanny-state. I guess I would rather see people and the free market make sustainable choices rather than have it foisted upon them by government(s).

    My family has been using “sustainable” choices for years now (diapers, transit, shopping). We do so mostly because it makes good, economic sense. We’re just not self-righteous and start movements with it.

  3. Hey Jamfish,

    Your points are well taken. I work in the agriculture industry myself, and you aren’t the only one who sees government intervention as just another cause for a headache. Your sensitivity to that is very reasonable.

    On the flip side, I see things like the plastic bag tax and car-free days as a different sort of government meddling. When it meddles in the agriculture industry, it can cost a lot of people their livelihood. I have yet to hear anyone say that the 20 cent a bag fee is going to put them on the street.

    I sympathize with the evolving nature of Seattle too. I live in the city, and it seems like the unique stores and shopfronts are getting shut-down every day to make room for condo developments. Besides that, I hate having to pay a cover charge to get into a bar only to pay $4.50 a beer. Bring back the good dive bars and fisherman bars!!!

    Anyway, cool blog, and cool post.

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