Not Necessarily in the News

This is surprising, as even the Washington Times was reporting an expected large turn out of Bush-detractors in Seoul, South Korea.  From Amy Proctor, apparently blogging from South Korea…

As President Bush arrived in Seoul, Korea today, the media predicted that Bush’s visit would be met with “large protests”. The “progressives” and anti-U.S. civic groups thought the turn out opposing Bush would be huge:

“We predict more than 10,000 citizens will participate. We’ll show Korean people’s voice to Bush,”’ one member of the coalition said.

However, 374 conservative groups planned pro-American demonstrations welcoming Bush in Seoul Plaza, just a short distance from the progressive’s rally site.

Turns out, only a couple hundred protesters came out while 15,000 pro-U.S. Koreans came out to welcome Bush into the capital city of Seoul.

She has lots of supporting links there, a clip from South Korean television, and even a Reuters headline correction!  Here was the original AP article in the Washington Times I saw.  They claim there were thousands of protesters there, but they were (literally) turned away with water canons.  Yikes.  Still, if they had been allowed to stick around, it appears there would have been considerably more supporters than detractors.  Sounds like many of them were actually protesting Lee Myung-bak.

Anyway, the point is, it’s always interesting to hear a different point of view from a voice on the ground so very far away.  Espeicially when it’s different from the Mainstream Media echo chamber’s template.


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