Influence in Denver: What a Joke

The Influence Game in Denver: What Are They Hiding?
Ted Kennedy, Michelle Obama Speeches Ignored As Lobbyists Party On

Outside one gathering last night, Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) said it was “his duty” to attend lobbyist and corporate parties.

“You must visit, make sure the food they serve is okay, that it passes the taste test and the liquor is the right vintage. Other than that, it’s one’s responsibility,” Sen. Lautenberg told ABC News, with his tongue apparently in his cheek.

I know both sides participate in this; I just got especially irked seeing Frank Effing Lautenberg’s explanation at the end of the video there.  Brian Ross couldn’t even keep a straight face.  He may have meant it tounge-in-cheek, but he came off like a right bastard.

I don’t have a problem with groups collectively lobbying congress; that’s why I’m an NRA member.  I have a problem with specific companies, however, being able to literally buy their way into favorable local or federal deals; sometimes even getting favorable legislation passed.

Although, companies within an industry can and do form such lobbies, as well.  One could argue that such a collective is not any different than a grass roots lobby.

I suppose it’s just that when I see parties like these done on technicalities that allow the lobbyists and our representatives to legally skirt the law I get pissed off.  After all, they are not obeying the spirit of the law at all and in the process are trodding on the sacred trust between voter and representative.

I’m sure the RNC will be little different except that it will be called out moreso by the mainstream press.

Thank you ABC for keeping it real on both sides.


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