Bring on the Shock Therapy

Did no one give Ban Ki-moon the memo?  The UN has long since relenquished the mantle of “United Nations” and is a conglomeration of “Utter Nonsense”…


At a closed-door meeting late last month in Turin, Italy, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon blasted his top officials, accusing them of crippling the world body through a combination of self-interest, petty squabbling and egoism.

“We all know the U.N. is a huge bureaucracy,” Ban told the assembled senior officials. “Coming here, 20 months ago, that prospect did not bother me. …

“Then I arrived in New York. There is bureaucracy, I discovered — and then there is the U.N.”

He has my best wishes for success.  How about we start ticketing diplomats that park illegally all over New York City?  Diplomatic immunity has been taken to ridiculous extremes since the UN charter was drafted.  And how about actually proscecuting criminals within the UN?  Oil-for-Food ring any bells?  Geeze, that got swept under the carpet quickly.  Then there are the rapists in the UN security forces.  Did that get traction in the press?  Nope, because it’s just a bunch of inconsequential folk in a 3rd-World country who have dark skin.  That’s right, I said the UN is racist.  All they care about is money and their turf.


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