Remember and Resolve

Seven years later and there’s a slightly brighter future Iraq, but some of the fiercest fighting continues in Afghanistan, and I am grateful for Michael Yon’s reporting.  The Truthers won’t give up their pathetic propaganda, but progress continues on The Freedom tower in lower Manhattan; it rose above street level this year and more.  The September 11th Digital Archive has grown, and The Tribute in Light shines again.

Today I will remember the shock, the sorrow, the pain.  I will remember the way my heart broke, and still breaks today for all the souls lost that day.  It is so important we remember as it is so easy to grow complacent and forgetful in our blessed, comfortable lives.

Today I will think about the events as they unfolded that morning.  I will remember seeing those responsible and thinking about how we had done little to stave off terror for so many years that did not take place on our own soil.  And now because of that complacency it had visited our home.  It was Oklahoma all over again, but many times over, combined with that extra-special touch of Islamism.

Today, and every day, I think of my brothers-in-law, one of which has served two distinguished tours in Iraq.  The other started his first last week.

We’ve cut the enemy down on his own soil (Afghanistan, Iraq) and have made it clear we will not let this happen again nor allow other nations to provide continued assistance and shelter to terror.  However, we still have a ways to go with our own internal security.  Simple things, like verifying citizenship, enforcing travel or work visas, hiring proper personnel for the TSA and not the guy who was working at McDonald’s just last week, and giving ICE and the Border Patrol money, personnel and tools needed to keep us safe.  My hope in this regard is waning a bit, though, as we can’t even keep our voter rolls clear of the dead, illegal and unqualified.

Forget what the press says, because they’ll say/pay anything for a story.  We are a united and great people; just because the guy or gal you don’t want makes it into the White House doesn’t mean life doesn’t go on.  And it does not mean they’re not your President.  On one level or another we all will continue to fight for what is in our best interest and give generously of the fruits of or labor to those less fortunate or in need.  Don’t let political correctness or popular attitudes get in your way: just do the right thing.  And government does not need to be a part of it.

And above all, on this day:

(Arabic for “I will not submit/surrender”)

Sorry for the rambling; was just searching for something different to say this year.


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