What the heck happened? [UPDATED 9/22]

Let Mark Levin lay down some history and education on you about the recent financial meltdown.

The Mark Levin Show – September 19, 2008

UPDATE 9/22, 9:14 AM

From Bloomberg.com: How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis

This doesn’t excuse the President’s answer to the problem. I’m with Michelle on the bailout: The Death of Fiscal Conservatism.

Fortunately, there are a few fiscal conservatives left: Kill the Bailout.  From a release by Rep. Mike Pence over the weekend (emphasis mine):

The Administration’s request amounts to the largest corporate bailout in American history. Congress should act, but should act in a way that protects the integrity of our free market and protects the American taxpayer from more debt and higher taxes.

To have the freedom to succeed, we must preserve the freedom to fail. Any solution to our present crisis must preserve our essential economic freedom.

Right on, Mike!


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