FactCheck.org wrong on guns; Obama stealing mailing lists

Now why would The Annenberg Political Fact Check (FactCheck.org) get Obama’s recorg on guns so wrong? Maybe, as the NRA legitimately asserts, because The Annenberg foundation has also given $150,000 to the Brady Campaign/Center to Prevent Gun Violence ?

FactCheck makes great pains to contrast the NRA’s claims against what the Obama campaign has said about firearms and the Second Amendment.  These were not baseless assertions, and there is evidence to back them up.  It is important, as it is with any candidate, to observe what they have done and said in the past. Doesn’t paint a rosy picture for McCain, either.

Now the Obama campaign is charged with illegally obtaining and misappropriating a mailing list belonging to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


Earlier today, NSSF sent a “cease and desist” letter to the Obama campaign demanding that they immediately stop any further unauthorized misuse of its proprietary media list.

The list contains the names and addresses of members of the media that attended the NSSF Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) – the world’s largest firearms trade show and the 23rd largest trade show of any kind in North America.

The list can only be obtained from NSSF and its use is tightly controlled by NSSF.  Neither the Obama campaign, nor its operations in Indiana, obtained any rights from NSSF to use the list.

Should I be surprised?  This is the same candidate and campaign that seeks unity through silencing the opposition.  This is the same candidate, as stated in my previous post, that was the director of an organization (Joyce Foundation) which spent millions creating and supporting anti-gun organizations and flooding the judicial realm with law reviews hostile to the individual right view of the Second Amendment.


The wife promised, in the unfortunate event of an Obama presidency, we would snatch up at least one of these while we could…If you’re interested, it’s manufactured by Olympic Arms.  So wonderful to have a quality manufacturer in my own state!

I am positive, I am hopeful, but I will also be prepared.


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