Hope for our young women

Some positive news, for at least one brief moment, about our young women entering college

As a reserved evangelical from Colorado Springs, Colo., I was shocked by a lot of things at Tufts when I entered in the fall of 2003. What shocked me more than anything, however, was the way women treated other women. I regularly heard young women refer to each other using the most obscene and degrading insults. I observed females encouraging others to binge drink and then berating those who couldn’t hold their liquor. At breakfast on the weekends, I often overheard young women discussing their shame after feeling pressured by their girlfriends to participate in a degrading activity, such as a lingerie-themed or “secretaries and bosses” party. One year, a sorority actually commanded its pledges to strip to their underwear and allow fraternity brothers to mark the physical flaws on their bodies with permanent ink.

Upon arriving with my sister at Hillsdale, a school known for attracting conservative and religious students, I noticed a contrast immediately. I began chatting with a rising senior, and she and I quickly discovered an acquaintance in common. Referring to this woman, the Hillsdale student said: “She is such an amazing woman. I just have so much respect for her.” I was speechless. I was simply not used to hearing college women speak about their peers with such esteem.

Fortunately, the latter was my experience at the University of Washington because of the people I CHOSE to hang around.  That’s not to say I didn’t have my fair share of interactions with the hard-left culture at UW.  I had the pleasure of throwing down with student activists, tenured professors, those in student government, straight, gay, bi, younger, older, and of different cultural backgrounds.  I listened, too (painfully, at times), but I held my ground.  I knew who I was, where I came from, where money came from (i.e.: not the sky or the government), and what the general mindset was of the culture I was facing.  Just wish I had figured out my darn major right from the start!

So, as father of 2 (soon to be 3), and at least one girl, this gives me hope.  And, having known some guys & gals that went to Hillsdale, I would love to offer that opportunity to my kids… if they’re willing to work for it!  Other wise, they’ll have to scrap it out at a state univeristy/college like their old man.  Or a professional/techincal school; their choice.


One thought on “Hope for our young women

  1. You could always keep them closer to home and send them to SPU. Hey, US News gave us a “best value” ranking … uh, relative to the other private master’s colleges …

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