Matthews traps Bachmann on Obama’s Relationships

Now, we all know the tingly feelings Obama gives MSLSD MSNBC’s Chris “Thrill up my Leg” Matthews.  So, he made no attempt to play nice with Rep. Michele Bachmann last Friday night(10/17).  As Ed Morrissey comments on Hot Air

Matthews trapped Bachmann with a couple of reductio ad absurdum arguments, and somehow wound up asserting that an investigation to find anti-American Congressmen would be a good idea…

Michele’s a friend and I know her passion for her country, but she let herself get trapped by Matthews here. She did well until the last two minutes, but she let Matthews get away with characterizing her statements as equating liberal policy with anti-Americanism. That leads to the conclusion that half of Congress hates America, which is ridiculous, and led to the silly notion that someone should “look into” it.

We don’t need another House Un-American Activities Committee. Voters make those decisions. Mainstream liberal policy may be wrong-headed and ineffective, but it’s not anti-American. That’s not the point with William Ayers, unless Matthews suggests that Ayers represents mainstream liberal views — a suggestion that would rightly offend mainstream liberals. That’s how Rep. Bachmann should have answered Matthews.

If Matthews objects to this coming out now, he can blame himself and his colleagues. Had they spent one-tenth the effort investigating Obama as they have in investigating Joe the Plumber, Obama’s evasions on Ayers would have been widely known months ago. Matthews was too busy feeling tingles up his leg, which is all anyone needs to know about Matthews’ credibility on anything connected with Obama.

Mmhm.  One must always be on guard with the media, no matter how well-intentioned your comments may be, especially when you’re in the middle of a campaign.  Now that her opinion has been successfully recasted, her oponent raised nearly $500 million in 24 hours from the time of that interview.

Nancy Pelosi, speaking in Minnesota, said on Monday (10/20) that Pelosi said:

Republicans like Bachmann “bankrupt in their ideas” about jobs, education, health care and energy policy.

“So what do they do? They question the patriotism of others. I think that a statement of the kind Congresswoman Bachmann made dishonors the position she holds, and discredits her as a person.”

Good Lord, Speaker Pelosi, project much?

Btw, if you didn’t bother to look, there’s been a flurry of activity on her Wikipedia page since Friday.  Lots of new entries under “Controversies”.  She’s clearly under fire thanks to Matthews, but I agree that to a great extent she brought some of this on herself by allowing Matthews to shape her original statements and intentions.  Being trapped by the likes of Matthews is embarrassing to say the least.

Bachmann is a mother of 5, and she and her husband have taken in 23 foster kids over the course of many years.  She walks the talk.  To help counteract some of this negativity, I will be donating to her campaign.

On the national level…
Criticism of Barack Obama needs to be more dynamic in these closing weeks.  That is, Republican candidates need to hammer on Barack’s proposed policy and past policy actions/votes at least as much, if not more, than Barack’s poor judgement of the company he has kept over the course of his life.

Play up his 130 “present” votes during his time in the Illinois State Legislature, side-stepping some hard decisions (yes, yes, he voted 4000 times in total, but the “present” vote was very politically convenient on some big issues).  Play up his “present” vote on the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac reform.  Play up his non-sensical tax proposals, massive spending increases, and wealth redistribution scheme (thank you, Joe the Plumber).  Play up his solid anti-gun record.  Play up the massive mainstream media cheerleading campaign that has taken place over the last several months.

Most of all let’s leave Chris Matthews and Keith Overbite Olbermann groaning for 4 more years.


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