The entitlement generation

These are the little darlings that will be voting for Barack Obama in two weeks.  Fortunately Rachel is available to school them:

What the hell? Have 18-year-olds these days never heard of “a job”? Or of “taking night classes for 10 years”? Or of “going into assloads of debt because no one’s holding your hand but it’s worth it because then you are the boss of your own self which is pretty awesome”?

Gah. Honestly, it just boggles my mind, how much people take it for granted that someone else is going to take care of the hard stuff for you, not to mention why you’d want them to. I’ve been on my own since the day I graduated from high school and frankly, this is the main reason I get so magnificently resentful of shit like what Obama said about “spreading the wealth”, and about how so many liberals think that anyone who’s against spreading the wealth is just a greedy fucker who wants to hold on to the things he or she was “given”.

They can just cram it. Everything I have, I worked my ass off for. Every single thing. But I’m in debt for my education, and I don’t have a $250,000 house like all those assholes defaulting on their mortgages, and I’m self-employed so I have to write actual checks to pay my taxes and that hurts so so SO bad, and oh! It just pisses me OFF.

I was blessed with help for my room and board; the rest I loaned and have nearly paid off.  Back then, it allowed me to focus on my studies during the school year and work summers at my home county Public Utility District.  Then, I started tech-temp work and call center work right out of college just to get some income flowing.  Finally, I caught my break in late ’97 with a contract position at a large Northwest-based software company.

In the end, I didn’t really get the degree I was hoping for, because, well, I guess I just wasn’t cut out to be much of a coding guru.  Fortunately, I understood enough about code, operating systems, networking and the software development cycle that I could make a career out it.  In fact, I would say my career has been 40% knowledge/experience and 60% desire.  That’s all I can ask out of anyone else.  Attitude and desire go a LONG way, folks.  The rest you can learn as you go.


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