Congratulations, President-Elect Obama

The acceptance speech was largely moving (not so much the beginning, but the rest).  Thank you, Mr. Obama.

I’m still waiting for the investigations into vote fraud that occurred in many polls around the country.  And, most importantly, Obama’s highly-questionable fund raising scheme.

No, I’m not holding out for some sort of magical McCain win.  I’m just refusing to back down on issues I stood upon before this election.

Keep in mind, this is still the MOST UNVETTED PRESIDENT-ELECT EVER.  The stuff that will shake out and come to pass over the next 4 years will be nothing short of breathtaking … and not the good kind.

I like this open letter over at Petterico’s… but I would add one more thing:

Stay the hell away from our guns, the regulation of guns, “public health” policies that would in any way affect our ownership & carry of guns, the 2nd Amendment, all forms of punitive taxes & legislation on or against ammunition (as well as suspicious “heatlh studies” that target ammunition) and we’ll get along fine.


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