Chris Matthews still in the tank

Heh… watch the whole thing, especially around 2:25 and onward.

“I Want to do Everything I Can to Make This New Presidency Work”

“I don’t question motives, Joe….”

Matthews, give me a break.  You’ve questioned the motives of Republicans vociferously over the last 8 years, and that’s a good thing.  If only you had been consistent and questioned the motives of Democrats with just as much passion.  Keep your leg thrills to yourself from now on, please, Chris.

At least your teammates managed the guts to hold you accountable for your statement, albeit weakly. Stengler said at about 4:50, “…as Americans we want, of course, Barack Obama to succeed…”  Funny.  So, I guess that didn’t apply to George W. Bush; your network was pulling for his utter failure for many years now.

If only they’d hold account Olby’s butt, too.  Btw, if you missed SNL’s parody of Keith this last weekend (11/1), be sure to catch it. Comedy Gold.

Do I want Barack Obama to be a failure?  No, but I want him held to the same account that the press held George W. Bush, and there many of his policies that would just rather see fall flat on their face (nationalized health care, various wealth redistribution schemes, gun control, etc).


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