Test Your Firearms Knowledge

So now that Obama has reinstated his Urban Policy which again contains the reference to a permanent and more onerous ban on scawy-wooking black rifles, et al, Ragnar @ The Arsenal has a quiz for you

If you’re like most gun owners, you probably have at least one anti-gun friend who can’t understand why gun owners opposed the federal “assault weapon” ban originally, or why we oppose it now. 

What I’ve generally found is that the vast majority of those individuals know next to nothing, if anything at all, about what the so-called “assault weapon” ban actually was.  What they generally know is that they don’t like guns that much in the first place, and they sure don’t like any gun specifically designed for “assault.”

So, hop on over and take his quiz; post your answer there and/or here, as well.  I’m genuinely interested to see people’s responses.


One thought on “Test Your Firearms Knowledge

  1. LOL.

    Technically none of them would have been banned from “from sale, transfer or use” only from new manufacture, which is bad enough.

    The 1st AK (Chinese MAC-90?) would also have passed the ban restrictions due to small magazine and thumb hole v. pistol grip stock.

    The Dragunov SVD, Remington 870, M40, and the Dragunov carbine would also have passed through the ban, though both Dragounovs may have been points of contention because their stock configuration is neither truly a thumb hole or a pistol grip.

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