Palin Derangement in the Media Continues – UPDATED

Where else will you find the media as obsessed with Palin as on MSNBC, and specifically Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann?  Or whatever lucky bum gets to sub for him, in this case.

Her latest perceived offense?  Pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey, but then allowing the slaughter of one or more in the backdrop of her interview.  You can see the sneering MSNBC report here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[linky here if VodPod isn’t doing it’s job]

Hey, folks, breaking news! Guess what: you have to kill animals to eat their meat.  Even the beloved turkey.

Now, I realize her comments juxtaposed with the rather humane slaughter going on behind her was, indeed, funny, but only the most timid and warped among us would take offense at that.

Can you believe some would actually call it murder?

Murder, perhaps. But it’s tasty, tasty murder.

UPDATED (11/24):

From… Candyassism has gone mainstream.  Actually, I think it went mainstream long ago.  Perhaps back in the 80s or 90s.


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