Reuters diverts attention from Blagojevich

Boy, the Blagojevichs have got them some purty mouths on ’em don’t they?  When this news hit, I had to admit I wasn’t surprised.  I mean, we’re talking about Illinois here… Crook Cook County politics.  A new scandal?  Almost expected.  And it’s sad that places like Chicago and New Orleans can’t pick themselves up out of the mire of corruption, even after all these years.  The constituency in those cities has grown so dependenent on the government as their functional savior that they can’t live with ’em, but can’t live without ’em.  I do NOT relish in this; no schadenfreude here.

So leave it to Reuters to paint conservatives with a broad brush, assuming everyone, even those mentioned are actually “gleeful”:

ATLANTA (Reuters) – U.S. conservatives rubbed their hands with glee on Wednesday over news that the Democratic governor of Illinois has been accused of attempting to sell the U.S. Senate seat of President-elect Barack Obama.
But news of his arrest came at a perfect time for conservatives reeling from big losses in November’s congressional and presidential elections that put Obama in line to succeed U.S. President George W. Bush on January 20.

I think most genuine conservatives knew we were sunk when saddled with McCain as the nominee.  Palin brought some hope, but ultimately it’s about the ticket leader.

Anway, please, Reuters, stop pretending you’re objective any longer.  Please just be up front about it; it’s far less insulting.  As Michelle quipped:

Maybe I missed it, but I don’t seem to remember the finger-wagging Reuters articles headlined “US liberals gleeful over [Abramoff/DeLay/Stevens/Foley/etc.].”

So while Obama was busy distancing himself, Blagojevich’s chief of staff, John Harris, was arrested.  Now today, a report out of Chicago is saying John Harris has resigned!

John Harris resigned this morning as Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s chief of staff, his lawyer said.

Harris dropped off his letter of resignation today in person and will not be going back to the office, according to his lawyer, Terry Ekl.

Harris and Blagojevich were arrested at their homes Tuesday morning on federal corruption charges.

Each was released on a personal recognizance bond after a court hearing.

I smell a fresh deal that’s been cut by Mr. Harris.  And if Rham Emanuel is on those sting operation tapes, the fallout could be even greater than originally anticipated.

While Obama may not be directly involved in these corruption allegations, he’s being awfully forgetful.  He said that he has had “no contact” with Blagojevich.  I suppose that depends on how you define “contact”, Mr. President-Elect.

Ugh.  This is horrible, and a perfect lesson about what happens when you rub shoulders with the Chicago Machine.


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