Moxi DVR making a comeback

This was a saved/drafted post so, I’m about month late to the party, but whatever…

Digeo has officially launched (as of mid December) the retail version of their Moxi DVR.  Digeo, who I previously worked for, is running about a year behind on this project, but better late than never, I suppose.  From the CNET article:

Right now, Digeo is selling the Moxi DVR directly to consumers through Amazon. But the $800 price tag will undoubtedly induce sticker shock. That’s without a TiVo-style subscription fee (at least for now), but your cable company will still be taking its pound of flesh with CableCard rentals, service fees, and franchise fees. Meanwhile, Moxi lacks the growing boatload of Internet-delivered subscription and pay-per-view features that TiVo’s been amassing to distinguish itself from generic cable DVRs (Netflix, Rhapsody, CinemaNow, Live365, and YouTube).

I still have ties back at Digeo and was told I could get a discount through their “friends & family program”.  That would still make the final purchase around $600!  However, when you consider the upfront costs of a lifetime subscription on TiVo ($399), it’s actually extremely competitive.  The closest competitor, the new TiVo HD XL, costs $599 before the subscription fees.  However, the XL does have a 1 Terabyte hard drive; Moxi’s is only 500 GB.

When you’re talking about recording (or even buffering) HD content, space matters… but for that extra $400 you can get a few external drives to attach to your Moxi via the eSATA connector.

My choice?  Moxi.

However, I admit that I’m biased.  I do like the fact that you can line up shows of your choice to be watched on your favorite mobile device (as long as the show isn’t flagged for protection) and TiVo has managed, and continues to manage, some great partnerships with third-party services.

Take from this what you will.  Come next month, however, everyone will have to make a choice.  Comcast is encrypting their upper channel range so if you want to see anything beyond channel 29, you’ll have to have something.  Either you get your own box and get a CableCARD to provision your equipment on your provider’s network, or you get whatever flavor of the month/year that they are providing.


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