What the Frack?

First off, I couldn’t give two sh*ts about Inaguration Tuesday.  Anybody jaded enough to think we could never fairly vote a person of color or minority status to the nation’s highest office has my eternal pity for their shallow beliefs in our great country and her people.  I mean, do you really have that little faith in America that such a thing could never happen?  Feel the pity.

Second, this makes me laugh …especially considering the past protestations of the 2005 President Bush Inauguration.  Folks, wanting it both ways; ain’t it cute?

Finally, Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman’s, solution to the economy: massive government spending! Up to $5 TRILLION even!  His most priceless quote:

“I say thank God we did not privatize Social Security; the one rock of our retirement system that is still there. At least we have that. It’s a reminder that’s it’s a good policy introduced 70 years ago,” Krugman said. “People have lost their portfolios. There’s not much Uncle Sam or anybody can do about that.”

Ha!  Social Security is a rock all right, Paul!  And it’s one of the rocks tied around our feet that is sinking us.  It is bankrupttrillions in unfunded obligations (this is not hypothetical, this is real).  Long term, privatizing Social Security would have had a far better outlook that the current, broken program which was painted far too rosy by overly inflated wage-growth assumptions by the CBO.  Now we may be out of time to act in such a way that will not put people’s retirements at risk.

This is the same Nobel laureate who said our government-run VA medical system is a success story.  I’m not Nobel-grade material, but I recognize a government ponzi-scheme when I see one, regardless of how it is wrapped.

And of course, this economic solution he speaks of has to be done, “…fast and massively.”  You know, so folks won’t have a chance to sniff the keynesian snake-oil and ask questions before it’s shoved down our throats.

And the Obamamedia circle jerk continues.



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