Greenest Inauguration Ever!

At least, that was the plan

“Just as we are committed to making this the most open and accessible inauguration in history, we are also committed to making it the most environmentally sensitive,” Inauguration Committee spokeswoman Linda Douglass told

This will be the greenest inauguration in history, because we have tried to be mindful of the potential effects on the environment that a large crowd could have. We are trying to do everything we possibly can to return Washington, D.C., to the same state in which we found it and to reduce our own footprint as much as we can.”

Here’s the  reality: a “Post-Barackalyptic Wasteland“…

Via a local Richmond, VA station from the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Inaugural revelers are lucky they didn’t get fined for littering.

As crowds cleared the city Tuesday, their trash covered the National Mall and Washington Monument grounds after President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

They left behind plastic bottles, newspapers, food wrappers, gloves and even American flags they had been waving. Trash bins overflowed with items people tossed.

Twenty-one-year-old Laura Wiesner of Youngstown, Ohio, was on the cluttered Mall near the Smithsonian’s American History Museum.

She says people’s quick exit – and failure to pick up after themselves – was a stark contrast to how grand the event had been. Crews face an overnight cleanup effort across the city as people empty Washington.

Let us also not forget the record number of private jets that were used by wealthy inaugural attenders.

Green for thee but not for me. So much for The One’s call for personal responsibility.


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