Dissent is now racist

Have a look at this disgusting diatribe on The Huffigton Post:

Fox News Doesn’t Care About Black People

At Fox News, inauguration day looked like the first afternoon a Negro used the local country club tennis courts following a legal settlement.

While there were many forced smiles and obligatory discussions of this “historic” day, there was just as much complaining about the size of the event, the expense involved, and the number of celebrities in attendance. We kept waiting for someone to blurt out, “We don’t mind having a black couple in the White House, but do they need to be so uppity about it?”

They continue with that same meme regarding Bill “mind-f**kingly bizarre” O’Reilly (their words) and Michelle “whore for the far-right” Malkin (again their words).  Their broadside at Michelle was especially bizarre (though par for the course on HuffPo) considering she is seldom on Fox News Channel anymore after parting ways with O’Reilly over the digusting comments made toward her by Geraldo Rivera on immigration issues.

Take note, fellow citizens: any dissent toward the Obama administration will continue to be interpreted as racist.  Why?  Because that is the defense the far-left media plays; rather than rebut with substance, they go straight for emotions and assumptions.

Got a problem with President Obama’s cabinet picks? Why do you hate African-Americans so much?

Got a problem with the conspicuously expensive inauguration? Why do have to hate on such a historic moment?

Got a problem with tired, old slogans being repeated? You’re a far-right whore.

Got a policy concern? Why do you want to crush people’s hopes?

So much for dissent being patriotic.  Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and nothing this administration, or its supporters, will surprise you.


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