Wind Power Still Causing Health Problems

As a followup to my post from last August, there is a Seattle PI article today talking about the problems surrounding the wind farms located in Boardman, Oregon:

BOARDMAN, Ore. — Wind turbines may supply power without pollution but they are also generating complaints about noise and even possible health effects for people who live near them.

Dan Williams says the 240-foot-tall turbines he can see from his hilltop home near Boardman in Eastern Oregon make so much noise they keep him awake at night.

Williams is among neighbors along Highway 74 demanding that Morrow County enforce state noise regulations on the Willow Creek Wind Energy Project or revoke its land-use permit.

The 40-year-old construction contractor told The Oregonian newspaper in Portland that wind-energy companies downplay the noise.

Gee, you think the wind-energy comapnies are any different than any other energy company?  They’re trying to protect their interests/turf by “blowing” this stuff off (haha – bad green energy joke).

Dr. Nina Pierpont makes an appearance in the article, as well:

Other critics, including some in Oregon, cite work by a New York doctor who coined the term “wind turbine syndrome” to describe effects such as headaches, dizziness and memory loss of living near the machines.

“This thing is not rare,” Dr. Nina Pierpont of Malone, N.Y., said of the syndrome.

Comments on the article are generally dismissive, as usual.

Look, Folks, I’m no hypochondriac, but these stories are getting worrisome.  Not only are these things a blight (see remarks made by Senator Feinstien and Kennedy regarding wind farms in their states), but they are causing legitimate issues.

Yes, there are the people that say, “Gee willickers, I stopped by a wind farm on my roadtrip last year and I could actually hear the wind whistling through my head.”  Fine.  Please then proceed with Step Two and move into an apartment or home near one of these things and report back to me in 6 months or less.  From what is being reported, it takes more than a roadside pee break to hear and feel the effects of these turbines.

Besides, wind power is still not a reliable energy source as fossil fuels.  We have much better resources between clean coal technologies and nuclear power (please, folks enough with the Hanford scaremongering… technology and safety is so far past that careless point in our history).

Anyway, have your say, but I’m not about to force one of these things on anyone’s property or near their home.


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