Don’t Bother Rick Sanchez with the Historical Record

CNN’s Rick Sanchez, a paragon of balance and fairness that I seem to have overlooked, doesn’t have time for your annoying historical records… or to even finish your opening sentence.

Here’s the CNN source.

Rick sets up a terrific straw argument based only a handful of sensationalized youtube videos and misrepresentations, in my opinion, of talking heads on Fox News.  Eric Boehlert does the same (Media Matters focuses only one side of the media and admits as much on their web site, by the way).  Sanchez is also willing to take Holder’s word from 3 months ago as gospel, but ignores what he’s said just this last week.   And his dismissal of the President’s and Holder’s records on gun rights is arrogant, disinegnuous, and made his bias on this issue very transparent.

In addition to Sanchez, you’ve got guys like David Schuster eagerly carrying water for the administration on this issue.

Really “Emmy Award Winning” interview there, Dave.  Par for the course on MSNBC, I suppose.  Look, I’m not sticking up for some of Beck’s more far-flung rhetoric, just that David needs to look in the mirror on this one.  His interview was the same as Sanchez’s… interruption and obfuscation (e.g.: trying to directly link Beck’s rhetoric with gun rights issues; or essentially going “lalalalala” with his fingers in his ears as Alan talked bout the Pugh Reserach survey).

The only people that think conservatives are pushing for violence are guys like Schuster, Charles Blow, and Sanchez.  Good Lord, have we forgotten so quickly the violence actually portrayed against our previous administration?  Oh, but that was justified, I forgot… do as they say, not as they do.

Speaking of recent statements… anyone else Nancy Pelosi’s interview on Good Morning America?

“We don’t want to take their guns away, we want them registered, we don’t want them crossing state lines….”

We have to rid the debate of the misconceptions that people have about what gun safety means.”

Registration.  That’s all, folks.  No big deal.  That’ll only outlaw private trades or sales or online sales and ruin only most of the industry.  Nothing to worry about.

So, tell me again why I shouldn’t be worried?


Just realized that David Workman reported on this very set of issues in the Seattle edition of The Examiner.


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