My approach to the DHS wing-nut report

I witheld my judgement on this report as these things can easily get over-inflated (or over-ignored) in the first news cycle.  I think I can agree with Zombie’s comment on this one…

It seems to me that there are actually THREE views about this report, and I’m taking the unacknowledged “third view”

The alarmist view:
1. The report is evidence that the Obama Administration is going to do domestic surveillance and harrassment of mainstream right-wing and conservative groups, lumping them together with more violent racist groups.

The “moderate” view (mine):
2. The report is just a political hit piece; no one’s going to be monitored illegally or unfairly, no Black Helicopters are coming to get anybody. It was just an attempt by Democratic strategists to tarnish the image of conservatism by conflating it with racism and reactionary violence.

The “don’t over-react” view:
3. The report contains true statements, so one can’t really dismiss it out of hand. The alarmists are making us look foolish.

Perhaps if there had not been a massive alarmist response, there would not have been a need for a countervaling “don’t over-react” response.

I’m with Zombie on view #2, but I reserve part of view #1 via surrogate water-carriers (i.e.: the harassment bit).

Jake Tapper reported on the equivalet report on left-wing extremists.  Well, supposely equivalent… if you actually read it you will see very specific groups or associated groups pointed out in the document.  This latest report was far more generalized.

Anyway, I’m not getting my shorts in a bunch over this thing; however, it does reconfirm that there are elements in this new administration that don’t like me very much.  Not even a little.  Big whoop.  The 2010 & 2012 ballot boxes will confirm that their days are numbered.  You don’t make a generalized, government-sponsored smears and expect large sections of the country to forget about it.


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