One advantage of unemployment

I get to avoid crap like this in downtown Seattle…

I have the greatest sympathy for people who come here in order to find work, work hard, and desire the liberty America offers.  However, I do not tolerate it of those who are here illegally.  There has to be order to the system and respect given to those who have followed our laws and are now naturalized citizens.  And there has to be better enforcement on the border… not nationalized health care and government bailouts for private companies.  What we have now is not only chaos, it is anarchy.  And it is being tolerated by many citizens and the state.

As for the anti-war protesters… meh. I’ve developed some differing opinions about the war, but I am unsure of the effectiveness of this demonstration of yours… except that, like the May Day march, it’s going to piss off thousands of commuters.  Although, having observed downtown work patterns for years, most people will either work from home, take the day off, or simply get out of town early.  This means the number of eyeballs on the demonstrations will be further reduced.  Brilliant, eh?


One thought on “One advantage of unemployment

  1. I’d like to see the INS patiently wait until after the march (so as not to cause perceived intimidation or limitation of speech), and then check IDs. Should be fun to watch.

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