So-Called Stab Proof Knife Debuts in UK

It’s scarely been 11 years since the UK banned the personal ownership of firearms.  Since then, naturally, only the criminals have the guns now, violent assaults skyrocketed, and knife attacks increased, as well.  Rather than help restore the part of what made Great Britain great, some industrial designer decided to cash in on the gelding of the citizenry and has introduced so-called “stab-proof knives”.

It was invented by industrial designer John Cornock, who was inspired by a documentary in which doctors advocated banning traditional knives.

Cornock, 42, from Swindon. England, said that the knife will cut vegetables, but will make it almost impossible to stab someone to death and will reduce the risk of accidental injuries.

Ah, yes, if only they could introduce soft, rubber knives that could still cut a roast.  Nothing like addressing the symptom and not the sickness… only consumer choice will determine if this is truly what the public wants.


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