Slow motion

My posting frequency has slowed considerably because , since February, I’ve been out of work.  My company had two rounds of lay-offs in the face of all this Hope and Change; one late last year and one in February.

You’d think that being unemployed you would have all this extra time to post and rant.  I have not.  I have now been out of work for nearly 5 months and have spent the majority of that time looking for new work.  I have been online, on the phone, and in interviews for most of that time, as well.  Looking for work is nearly a full-time job.

It’s an amazing test of one’s faith in God, and a discovery of who you can count on.  We have found out just how blessed we truly are … and how thankful we are to still be in our starter home with our (relatively) miniscule mortgage!

I’ve got some promising interviews coming up in the next couple weeks… keeping the prayers up and fingers crossed!

Take heart, those of you still looking out there… there is still work available.

I’m just concerned, after I get a job, about how much more we, the producers, will be punished by our government… and that has kept me up at night more than being unemployed.