Simmer Down Now

Ok, first off, I wouldn’t approve the singing of praises to any one particular leader, let alone our current Commander in Chief.

I’m also not going to let Media Matters get away with a smear about the afore-linked Fox News report.  Said reporter(s) went into PSH mode and screamed (brackets are mine, just to give context)…

Soon after [Fox added the death threat/school lock-down update to the story] though, the Fox news report had been scrubbed of any mention of looming violence; it had been scrubbed of any notion that right-wing crazies apparently called the school and were threatening to kill the principal.

As it stands now, the report I linked is not missing the facts that they are complaining were missing.

Oh, but I bet these “watchdogs” called their bluff and shamed them into restoring the update!  That must be it… couldn’t have possibly been a mistake, or maybe that they were doing some re-investigating of their own and discovered it wasn’t even true!  From Raw Story:

Meanwhile, an operator at the head office of the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in New Jersey told RAW STORY on Friday morning that reports claiming the school was on “lockdown” after receiving “death threats” are “not true.”

“It is not true that the school was on lockdown and I’m not aware of any threats,” a woman with the school’s head office said. Asked her name, she replied, “My name is Ann,” then hung up.

A message was left with the school district’s public relations officer for confirmation.

However, a New Jersey newspaper reported Friday morning that a school safety director insists officers found the report of “death threats” against the principal to be “unsubstantiated.” Yet, a local Fox affiliate station claims police “confirmed” the threats, but would not specify their target(s).

Wow, so while there’s still some conflicting reports, the school itself says, “didn’t happen.”  Can we just simmer down now?

I echo some of Webster’s questions: why all the credit changes/revisions?  I see other news sites do this, too, and I don’t understand it.  I just chalk it up to me not understanding the news-agency-process and how the reporters communicate with those that actually post the copy online… fair enough?

Anyway, whatever happens after this, can we at least acknowledge that the cult of personality surrounding President Obama is really creepy and concerning?

I’m glad to hear that the school district in question is going to be investigating the events surrounding the song.  AND I also have to agree with their outrage that video of their underage students were posted online without their parents’ consent.  I think I would be pretty pissed, too, regardless of the circumstances.

That doesn’t let anyone off the hook for teaching and conducting that creepy chant/song, but I hope it gives folks pause as to how they choose to distribute such amateur video.

Btw, ThinkProgress, Media Matters… for God’s sake, go empty your pants and clean up.


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