Radio Equalizer: Rush Limbaugh after action report

Brian Maloney thoughtfully asks, “…what have we learned,” from Rush’s recent hospitalization?” My favorites points:

* Despite every opposition-led effort to marginalize him, Rush Limbaugh’s political role clearly extends far beyond talk radio and its audience. Who else could hold a press conference and generate national headlinesas a result? Or effectively upstage a president who was also in the Aloha State, just blocks away?

Also noteworthy: newspapers assigned political reporters to cover it, not entertainment correspondents.

* Limbaugh knows how to push the state-run news media’s buttons, as shown during Sunday morning’s news programs,where some fought back against his upbeat assessment of hospital care. Media Matters is still worked up over it. So is the HuffPocrowd.

* Once again, the bottom line: anyone underestimating Rush is a fool.

Rush will be back on the air tomorrow (Jan 6th); meanwhile Mark Steyn does a smashing job filling in for him.  He’s probably my favorite guest host.  Unfortunately, I don’t get to listen as often I would like these days.

Meanwhile, Roger Ebert expresses regret over his steady stream of one-liners against Rush during his hospitalization over the weekend.  His venom is rather ironic considering his battle with mouth-related cancer.


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