You Stay Classy, Ed Schultz

The here’s what His Gassiness, in his non-unusual fit of rage against Rush Limbaugh, had to say (regarding as to what the current administration should nationalize next):

SCHULTZ (33:56): And so, I think that, you know, hell, if we’re going to be socialist, let’s be socialist all across the board.

More story and transcript available on The Radio Equalizer.

Ed easily (or purposefully) forgets that Rush has been at this for over two decades (talk radio alone). In fact, he’s only a few years away from rounding off 30 years!  And that’s not counting the decade before where he put in his time in on music radio.

I’m not going to assume anything here, but if I weren’t all that familiar with either talker I would say there is a ring of jealousy to his statements.  That is, Ed and Rush are roughly the same age, operate in the same medium, and Rush is monstrously more successful than Ed.  And, despite Rush’s decades-long work to get to where he is at, Ed would attribute his success to something nefarious, insidious, and deserving of a smack-down by the government.

However, there’s a critical piece of context that’s missing here: Ed’s political affiliation shifted near the start of this decade.  And when you’ve been advocating one way (for less than a decade) and then change gears, you tend to lose audience.

Rush’s views and political focus haven’t shifted much in the 26 years he’s been doing talk radio, and that’s a LOT more time building and maintaining your audience, especially when you’re that talented.

So, like a lot of folks who do talk radio on the left (though not all), they know that the only way they can beat him in the ratings is to beat him off the air with the power of government and the Marxist cudgel of so-called “fairness”.

In other words, they’re a bunch of whiners who can’t compete in the battlefield of ideas.


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