Graffiti, Taggers and other Abominations

Seattle Times did a terrific bit on just what it costs you and me in local tax dollars to keep our locales clean of the scrawlings made by the worm-ridden filth among us:

“The effort is expensive. Seattle Public Utilities spent about $1 million last year for graffiti enforcement, removal, education and outreach, while King County Metro Transit spent $734,000 last year to rid buses, tunnels, park and rides and bus shelters of graffiti.

It’s hard for officials to talk with any certainty about graffiti trends. Because so many city agencies deal with it, no one keeps a centralized database of complaints.

And there are a lot.

Seattle Public Utilities has averaged about 7,300 a year since 2008, said Linda Jones, manager of the graffiti-rangers team. Some are divvied up among the six rangers. The rest are handed off to other city agencies…”

So, they do it for the cheap thrills, the notoriety among other tagging SOBs, and in some cases, apparently, to feed their “addiction”.  Some never outgrow it.

The only thing that will stop these individuals is swift justice (jail, fines) and hundreds to thousands of hours of hard community service/labor.  I could think of some more violent measures, too, but I’m happy to leave those off the table for maximum, lawful penalties.


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