This month’s attack on the Second Amendment is brought to you by….

At the beginning of August, five eco-mentalist organization submitted a petition to the EPA, requesting a ban on all lead-based ammunition, claiming, “the use of traditional ammunition by hunters is inconsistent with the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976.”

The petitioners to the EPA included American Bird Conservancy, the Center for Biological Diversity, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, the Association of Avian Veterinarians and, Project Gutpile.

Grass-roots and industry backlash was rallied by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (a trade association), and a few days later the NRA weighed in.

After spending a few weeks re-discovering its level of authority, the petition was denied and the EPA’s response is here.

Dave Workman, Seattle Examiner Gun Rights columnist, has an excellent write-up on this month-long issue… the best bit is this (emphasis mine):

The NRA did the right thing.  It reminded the EPA that the law — you know, that’s the thing environmentalists draw like a gun when they want to force people to do something — does not allow what those same environmentalists were trying to do.  The NRA didn’t make anybody “surrender.”  The NRA merely insisted that the statute be followed.

Hunters and others involved in shooting sports are among the top conservationists in the land.  We want game animals and the rest of the environment to thrive so that the same enjoyment can be had for the next generation and many after.  And through gaming licenses/fees, excise taxes, fund-raising efforts by many different conservation groups, and personal responsibility, we put our money where we run our mouth.

Personally, I wasn’t too worried, as such a ban would have been a considerable overreach.  However, if there’s one thing this current administration will be remembered for, it is its penchant for just that sort of thing.